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I bought a ford expedition in 2003. every time i lokk at all the fords from 2000 and up i notice their side panels are very nice all around my ford expedition they are horrible and worn out looking they make my car look old i do not park my car out in the sun its always in the garage when not in use its very disappointing.

my parents talked me into getting my first new car at galpin ford. they have bought theirs there since we were kids.

please advice me in a direction that i can refer my concern to they have never looked nice always faded and dole looking i thought they just needed cleaning up but with time they still never looked nice very unhappy custumer. judy berardino lancaster california

Monetary Loss: $24.

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I used to work for Galpin FORD in The late 70s . Bert Backman was a very honest owner .

I was going to buy another car but I went against buying from them. They where one off the best dealers in the Country and now they are as bad as most Corporate Dealers and is one off the worst. I do not know if Burt died or sold the franchise. I drove over 100 miles for a car that never could be found.

I knew other dealers did this but never Galpin. As a former employee I am saddened by how awful Galpin has become .I know there top sales person Don for many many years and told him how used cars tried to take me to the cleaners . Galpin now has many dealers and I would never go back.

They started out on a one acre lot and wasw built on honesty and good service which they have lost since there major expansion. This was in 2000 and I will never go back and have told many not to buy there as they had changed .


Galpin doesnt MAKE the vehicles. They only sell them.

They don't put different 'panels' on different vehicles.

They are a great dealership. I've bought several vehicles there and have never had anything but exceptional service and customer satisfaction.



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